Mitchell County Primary School

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Counselor's Corner

What’s Love Got to Do with It?
February is the month of love. Traditionally, we show our affections with chocolate, stuffed animals, and cards. Let’s go outside the norms this month and show our students how much we love them with education. What does love have to do with it? Everything! Love motivates. Studies show that students are more productive when they feel their efforts are appreciated and cherished. Subsequently, they continue to improve academically and behaviorally. Love prepares. It teaches that all goals are attainable. It allows students to strive and thrive to do well inside and outside of the classroom. This, in turn, fosters productive members of society. Love reflects. Students who experience love show love to their peers. As a result, polite and positive environments are created and cultivated. Therefore, in addition to giving trinkets and treats, let’s all show our children love through education.
The giving of love is an education within itself. ---Eleanor Roosevelt