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Counselor's Corner

HollisHello! My name is Kristin Hollis. I am a native of Albany, Georgia. As a child of parents who
are now retired educators, I desired to work with children when I grew up. So, I am happy to be
fulfilling my dreams of working in education as a school counselor. I am a dedicated and
passionate school counselor who devotes her time and attention to students whenever I am
afforded the opportunity. Fostering students’ academic, social, and emotional development and
growth is a consistent goal that I strive to achieve. In my years as a mental health social worker
and middle school counselor, I learned that students benefit tremendously from having a caring
adult in their lives. Having someone to motivate and encourage a child helps them reach and
exceed their potential. It also helps them become a well-rounded individual. I genuinely believe
that letting someone know you care can make a big difference in their life. I look forward to
delving into my experience with the Baby Eagles at Mitchell County Primary School!