Parent Resource Room

The Parent Resource Room is open daily from 8:15-3:15.  There will be some activities to encourage learning at home held in the evenings and week-ends to accommodate those of you that work.  You will be notified in advance when these activities will take place.

Pre-K Registration Online of State Forms

Instructions for filling out the form: 

Parents, please follow the instructions to complete the Pre-K Packet Registration of Online State Forms.  If you have a problem completing the form, call 229-321-7009


Before you download the form, check your computer to see if you have Acrobat Reader installed.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, go to and download the FREE version of Acrobat Reader.  


Complete a separate form for each child you wish to enroll in Pre-K.

  • First, Click on the PDF file (shown below) and download and save this file to your computer. (One suggestion is to save it as the name of your child- example  Tiffany Smith Pre-K Packet.)   
  • Or you can simply right click on the file you want to download and click on Save Link As to save it directly to your computer. You can also rename it here.  Remember where you are saving your file so that you can open it back up. 
  • Close your internet and then locate the file you downloaded to your computer.  If  you fill out the form while you are in your web browser, the information will not be saved. 
  • Go to the location where you saved the file and open the file back up using Acrobat Reader.  Fill in the information; save your work.  
  • Once you have completed all pages, open up your email, attach the file and send it back to  [email protected].
  • If you have trouble filling out this packet, please call Mitchell County Primary School at 229-321-7009